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Ade Walton embarking on life-changing regime following a ‘kick up the backside’

A well-known Driffield figure has told the Wolds Weekly how ‘a kick up the backside’ last Christmas has changed his life as he bids to lose weight ‘before it’s too late’.

After comments from his grandchildren and the shock death of a close schoolfriend, Ade Walton decided that it was time to overhaul his lifestyle.

Around a month ago, Ade’s diet would have consisted of fatty foods and large quantities of alcohol, whilst even walking up the stairs at home would see him out of breath.

Now, he’s swapped his fried breakfast for porridge, his pint of lager for water and is exercising every day.
To help him on his weight loss journey, Ade has enlisted the help of his pal, former footballer and boxer Curtis Woodhouse and, with the support of his family, friends and the local community, is already reaping the benefits of his new lifestyle.

I believe that if I hadn’t done this now and waited another five years, I wouldn’t be in a position to make the changes that are needed.

Not only is Ade helping himself, he has also inspired others to start losing weight, including a friend who he hadn’t seen for close to 20 years, but is now walking with him regularly on his daily route around Driffield.

Ade told the Wolds Weekly that losing weight was something that he has mentioned to Curtis, who owns a boxing gym on Skerne Road and runs support network It Starts Monday, regularly for several years.

But it was only at the start of 2022 that he decided to make some major changes after receiving a serious wake-up call.

“There are a couple of reasons why I decided to change my lifestyle,” said Ade.

“One was my grandkids telling me I was too fat, which started to hit home.

“The other reason was that at Christmas, I lost a very close friend who I used to play rugby with at school.

“He was the same age as me and he was fitter than me – a lot fitter than me. It was a big shock and came out of the blue.

“All of a sudden, I decided it was time to do something about my weight.

Ade Walton

“My previous diet was shocking to be honest. My wife’s a good cook, but I got what I wanted and that was meals like pie and chips and sausage and chips.

“But now, the food I eat has changed completely. My breakfast used to be a fried breakfast or cereals heaped with sugar, followed by two or three slices of toast with marmalade. Just sugar on top of sugar.

“Now, one day I have porridge and the next day, poached egg on toast.

“For around three years, I’ve said to Curtis that I’ll come down to the gym on Monday, especially after Christmas.

“But year after year, it’s never happened and almost became a standing joke.

“He always said he would believe it when he saw it, but he wanted me to go because he could see there was only one way it was going to go if I didn’t.

“This year, after getting a kick up the backside, I got in touch with Curtis and said ‘yeah, I’ll be there on Monday’.

“I knew it was going to be hard, purely for the fact that I am carrying so much weight and because I am very unfit.

“It’s embarrassing. It’s reached the stage where I can’t do small tasks that I should be able to.

“It was time to have a total change of lifestyle before it was too late.

“It was as simple as that – I had to do it before the option was no longer there.”

For someone who found walking a few hundred yards a struggle at times, a new fitness regime was always going to be difficult to begin with for Ade.

But, with the help of Curtis and James Iveson, Ade’s fitness sessions have become easier and easier and he’s already witnessing a marked difference just a few weeks in.

He told the Wolds Weekly that he’s even becoming used to his new diet, with local greengrocer Andy Rafter providing him with a month’s worth of fruit and veg to keep him on the straight and narrow.

“For the first few sessions, I walked,” said Ade. “That was all I could do at the time.

“I told Curtis, ‘Don’t expect me to climb any mountains because I can’t’.

“I was so out of shape I got tired walking up the stairs to the bathroom.

“The first couple of days, we walked from Bracken Road, where I live, and I was just about on my knees by the time we reached halfway around Woldholme Avenue.

“The second day, I got a bit further, to Wold View Road South and the third day we reached the end of Woldholme Avenue and turned back.

Ade Walton

“Then, on the fourth day, we got to Woldholme and I told Curtis that I wasn’t turning back and we walked along St John’s Road, down Beverley Road and back onto Bracken Road.

“That’s the circuit we’ve continued to walk and now I’ve reached the point where I do the same route when I wake up on a morning, around a mile.

“I’ve also been on the boxing pads in Curtis’ gym, which has been tiring, but there’s no pain without gain.

“James Iveson has also given me a pass at Wolds Way to Health, which is lovely of him, and I’ve been doing some weight training. James has been a massive help.

“Instead of being on my knees a third of the way round, I do it barely breaking sweat, and that’s just after two-and-a-half weeks.

“My heart’s not pounding. I do pant a little, but that’s because I’m trying to stride it out and do it a little bit faster.

“I love it and actually look forward to waking up and getting out there. In myself, I feel so much better.

“I’m enjoying my new diet, which is a huge change of regime for me. I’m eating lots of salad and lots of fruit.

“Of course, Andy Rafter has graciously donated some fruit and veg boxes, which I’m getting through.”

As he does his daily walks, Ade films a video, updating his social media followers, which now total over 4,200 people, many of which have been sending messages of support as they follow his progress.

He’s even received messages from one of Britain’s greatest ever boxers and Leeds United’s captain.

Ade is also inspiring others to join him on his weight loss journey, something which he would encourage anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to do, while they still can.

“The support and response on social media have been incredible,” he said.

“I’ve had Ricky Hatton sending me messages and Liam Cooper tweeting me.

“But it’s not just those type of people, the people of Driffield have really got behind me.

“I can’t go anywhere without being stopped – in the supermarket, in town or on my walk.

“I don’t even know some of them but they’re following my journey. That means I definitely can’t give up now! It’s lovely to hear and it does spur me on.

“My mate from Howden, John Greaves, had seen me on Twitter and he couldn’t believe it was me to start with as I hadn’t seen him for 20 years.

“John and Antony Myers, who I also know, have been joining me on my walks and they’ve got the bug as well.

“At my first weigh-in, I lost one stone and one pound, which is great.

“I was really happy with that and it motivates me even more, not that I needed it.

“I would definitely encourage other people in a similar situation to me to act before it’s too late.

“I’m hoping I’ve managed to make the right decision at the right time.

“I believe that if I hadn’t done this now and waited another five years, I wouldn’t be in a position to make the changes that are needed.

“There’s a conscious time when a lightbulb comes on in your head and now is my time. And when you start, you see remarkable results.”

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