Malcolm has saved up to 300 lives as he donates his 100th pint of blood

A Little Driffield man has told the Wolds Weekly of the sense of satisfaction he receives when giving blood after recently donating his 100th pint.

Malcolm Lacy reached the milestone this month when his blood was taken at the regular donation sessions held at the Rix Pavilion on Driffield Showground.

Having started in 1978, Malcolm has now been giving blood for over 40 years and during that time will have helped to improve and save the lives of up to 300 people across the country.

“It gives me a real feeling of satisfaction when I give blood and it’s very nice to hear who it goes to and how it is used.

malcolm lacy

Malcolm said had it not been for an illness he suffered with in childhood that prevented him from donating blood, he would have started his good deed much earlier in life.

But, despite reaching his century, he has no intention of giving up just yet and will continue to help save lives.

“I was only given the all clear to start giving blood in 1978,” said Malcolm.

“I suffered with jaundice as a child and in those days it meant you were not eligible.

“My brother was already giving blood and once I got the go-ahead, I joined him in doing so and I’ve carried on ever since.

“It gives me a real feeling of satisfaction when I give blood and it’s very nice to hear who it goes to and how it is used.

“I donate three times a year and I’ll carry on for as long as I’m healthy.”

To mark the 100th pint of blood he has donated, Malcolm should shortly receive an invitation to a ceremony where his achievement will be recognised.

He will also receive a ruby donor card, a commemorative medal, badge and a certificate.

Praising Malcolm for his long-term and selfless generosity to the blood donation service, a spokesperson for NHS Blood and Transplant encouraged others to follow his lead.

“We’d like to thank Malcolm for his incredible dedication and commitment,” said the spokesperson.
“He is part of a very special club that saves and improves lives.

“Out of all the people who give blood, just one in a 100 will reach 100 donations.

“We always need new donors to replace those people who can no longer donate for reasons such as age, ill health and pregnancy.

“We especially need younger donors, male donors and black donors.

“Giving blood is amazing – and you will save lives.”

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