Trevor retires after 32 years as milkman

Retiring milkman Trevor Kell expressed his gratitude to customers new and old who showed their appreciation for his three decades serving Driffield and the Wolds.

Trevor, who turns 75 next week, has spent 32 years delivering milk, orange juice, eggs and more.

He retired from his round on Friday 1st April, visiting his final customer on Southfield Close in Driffield around 8:30am.

One day, there was a terrible storm and I’d forgotten to put on the handbrake and when I turned around, I saw my float being blown away.

trevor kell

Having notified his customers that he was hanging up the keys to his van, Trevor was inundated with gifts, cards and well-wishes.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a milkman,” he told the Wolds Weekly.

“It’s been hard work and tiring, having to get up at 1:30am everyday as I have been recently, whilst you are on your feet a lot too, walking three or four miles a day.

“A lot of the villages I serve do not have a shop of any sort, so that round is a vital service.

“That was particularly so during the lockdowns, with many not able to get out to the supermarkets or isolating.

“I actually did a bit of shopping for some of them too as I carried on right the way through both lockdowns.

“Last week, I was given so many cards and gifts for my retirement, such as wine and chocolates.

“One woman actually gave me a Jersey two-litre glass milk bottle with a screw cap that was full of sweets and chocolates, which was lovely.

“Some of the well-wishes I received were really nice too and it shows that I was appreciated in what I did, which is always nice.”

Trevor ran a garage in Wetwang for 18 years alongside twin brother, Robert, which they sold in 1990.

He took up the role as milkman shortly afterwards in what was only supposed to be a temporary job, covering Driffield and Kelleythorpe, including the barracks, for the first seven years.

Since then, he has covered Little Driffield, Garton-on-the-Wolds, Sledmere, Wetwang, Fimber, Fridaythorpe, Huggate, Tibthorpe and Kirkburn on his main round, with trips also to Langtoft.

Some of Trevor’s customers he has served since 1990 and he shared some funny memories of his time as a milkman.

“I had a bad back from being a mechanic, as there were no mechanical lifts or anything like that back then,” he explained.

“Robert and I sold the garage and I took the milkman position, just as a bit of stop-gap really, but carried it on ever since.

“Milk was only 27p a pint back then, whereas it is 85p a pint now.

“I sold orange juice as well up until retiring, but also used to sell seasonal gifts such as Easter eggs and selection boxes, as well as Christmas hampers.

“There has been the odd occasion when there has been thick snow on top of the Wolds, but when I used to serve the military barracks on Kelleythorpe, the battery would often run out on the milk float!

“One day, there was a terrible storm and I’d forgotten to put on the handbrake and when I turned around, I saw my float being blown away.

“Another time on the barracks, I left some eggs at one house and as I was about to set off again, I saw a young boy posting the eggs through the letterbox one by one.

“I got out of there quickly so that no-one thought it was me!”

Trevor added that he hopes to spend more time enjoying hobbies and going on holiday.

“The main thing I am looking forward to is going to bed and getting up at a normal hour,” he said.

“Other than that, I will probably continue going to the gym three times a week to ensure I keep up my exercise, as well as dancing with my wife, Stephanie, at Driffield Community Centre on a Friday afternoon.

“I also like photography, so will hopefully spend more time doing that, whilst our young grandchildren will keep me active too.

“Going on holiday always took some arranging whilst working, with plenty of notice having to be given to ensure someone would cover my round, but now we can just go away when and where we like.”

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