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HIGHFIELD HOUSE – See our photos from the stunning rooms and suites

Each of the new suites in the boutique hotel offer guests the upmost in comfort, quality and experience.

Six of the seven new suites are now complete and have been individually designed by Lindsey and Andy to portray a nostalgic moment in the heritage of Highfield and the people who have lived there.

The accommodation is finished to the highest standard with free standing roll top baths, four poster beds, bespoke wallpapers and sumptuous fabrics – designed by the Lampard family. Each suite is unique and offers guests a memorable stay.


Set in the master’s quarters, 1610 overlooks the Drive Court from an impressive lantern window. It is named 1610 after its inspiration from the period of aesthetics. Its name is also an ode to the Lampards’ eldest son Jonah, who had this room as his bedroom when they first moved to the house. He was born on 16th October, hence 1610. He is also an avid lover of Batman and guests are invited to spot the superhero reference in the bespoke designed wallpaper!


On 15th March 2013, a nervous Andy had taken Lindsey to New York to pop the big question. The Empire State or the middle of Time Square didn’t seem right – a beautiful park and the most amazing hotel was far more fitting. The views of the grounds and the trees in this room have always reminded Andy and Lindsey of Gramercy Park and the baronial inspired Gramercy Park Hotel.


After meeting at work at the couture interior design house United Designs, Andy and Lindsey set up their own design firm. Working from small beginnings from the lounge in their flat on Kingsland Road, this room celebrates their now international design style, fun and parties of their East London beginnings and the elegance of the most beautiful views from within the entire house.


Inspired by the famous West End restaurant and celebrity hang out, showcasing artists, Sketch features changing artworks and sketches. This pink pop boudoir is the cosiest, but most would say the coolest, room in the house.


In July 1938, the Mallard broke the steam rail speed record by travelling 126mph through Stoke Bank. Meanwhile, further down the lines, a small boy called Douglas built a dream railway in the attic at Highfield and the inspiration for the Mallard room, complete with working model railway running in the room, was born.


Highfield was originally owned by a family of drapers and this attic room was originally used as a sewing room. The room celebrates this heritage along with Andy’s parents Phyllis and Stan Lampard’s love affair with textiles and adventure – collecting textiles and garments to mark their explorations around the world.

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