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Park Surgery: ‘Stop abusing our staff’

Partners at a doctor’s surgery in Driffield have sent an open letter to patients responding to common concerns and urging people to show more respect to staff.

The letter has been emailed to patients, published online and on social media and will appear in Park Surgery’s next newsletter.

It warns that it is struggling to attract and retain staff because of regular abuse from patients and the strain on GP services nationally.

The letter says: “We are now a few months into our new appointment system and so far it is achieving our aim of getting the right patients to the right clinician in the right time frame.

“Since starting our new system we are pleased to say that we have seen a reduction in the number of patients we are having to direct to the urgent care centres.

“We are aware that there are a few who are unhappy with the length of wait for routine appointments and we want to explain this further – our appointments are triaged by a doctor based on clinical need, this is to allow those with more urgent conditions to be seen first.

“Unwell children will be seen much quicker than a request for contraception or a discussion around normal results for example.

“We also want to take this opportunity to highlight the enormous strain we, and general practice as a whole, are under.

“The UK has a decreasing number of doctors and an increasing population. Ourselves and our staff are working extraordinarily hard to provide the best service we can.

“Unfortunately, we are still receiving a lot of negativity towards our wonderful and highly skilled ANPs (Advanced Nurse Practitioners) and Clinical Pharmacists.

“These are clinicians with years of experience who are expert at managing a large range of conditions. Please do not abuse them, without these clinicians most GP surgeries would no longer exist, they are in high demand and may go elsewhere.

“Similarly we are struggling to retain admin, dispensary and reception staff due to the abuse they are receiving from patients.

“Our staff are doing their very best and do not deserve to be in a position where they feel they have no choice but to leave their job due to abuse.

“Let’s keep our local GP services going, no one wants them to be forced to close. Please do your bit to make it easier for us to deliver the great care we went into medicine to provide.”

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