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80 children have been left without treatment after Bridlington’s MyDentist surgery closed down

Worried parents are desperately trying to arrange dental treatment for their children and fear they could be left with ‘irrepairable damage’.

Dozens of children have been left without orthodontal appointments after the MyDentist surgery in Bridlington’s Old Town closed earlier this year.

Concerned that the youngsters were not getting the regular check-ups they needed, the parents have formed a Facebook group and are working together to try to get the situation resolved.

They believe around 80 children have not been transferred to alternative surgeries to continue their treatment.

These braces should not have been fitted without follow-up being ensured.

Jaime day

Many have written to East Yorkshire MP, Sir Greg Knight, asking for his help, as well as demanding answers from MyDentist and NHS England.

Among the parents, is Jaime Day from Nafferton, whose daughter Isabel was fitted with braces at the Bridlington surgery in March.

“We were given a further appointment to collect block braces at the beginning of April and told that someone would be in touch with us to let us know where the next appointment would be. We were advised that this could take 10 weeks.

“As 10 weeks approached we contacted Scarborough Orthodontist as this was who we were told initially would take over the care. Scarborough told us they didn’t have any record and to contact Beverley.

“We contacted Beverley who said they wouldn’t be taking her and to contact Scarborough.
We have contacted NHS England via telephone, they told us there was nothing they could do.

“We contacted our dentist who rang NHS England on our behalf and were told that they wouldn’t speak to them it had to be a parent. We rang again and were told to email, so we emailed and received no response.

“I rang Beverley Orthodontist and asked if I could pay for Dr Rodrigo to remove the braces. I was told that they would have to check because the braces were already on and they weren’t sure he would treat her. The best part is that he was the one who put them on!

“They told me that they would speak to him and get back to me. This was over a month ago and I’m still waiting to hear from them. I am offering to pay to have them removed.

“I do not understand why he would fit braces knowing that there was no follow-up care. I am so concerned that irreparable damage will be done to Isabel’s teeth.

“I don’t mean the movement but more so the potential for decay under the braces without any reviews. I honestly just want the braces removing, but no one is willing to provide any information.

“I am a lecturer in nursing and we teach our students the importance of nonmaleficience.

“Surely the professional body that oversees Orthodontists has the same principles. These braces should not have been fitted without follow-up being ensured.”

Despite the problems getting registered with a new orthodontist, Jamie said: “Our own dentist has been fantastic and has offered extra appointments to check Isabel’s oral hygiene and to support us.”

A spokesperson for MyDentist told the Wolds Weekly: “In common with many dental and orthodontic practices across the country, we have faced significant challenges in recruiting clinicians.

“As a result, we had to make the very difficult decision not to bid for the NHS orthodontic contract in Bridlington in 2019, ultimately leading to the practice’s closure in April this year.

“The team worked hard to complete as many open courses of treatment as possible prior to the practice closing, in addition to making an offer to the NHS to continue any unfinished patient treatment at our nearby Beverley practice.”

Other parents in the Facebook group have been told by MyDentist that ‘80 patients at the time of the practice closure remained unplaced by the NHS’.

It said the children are being placed between five orthodontic practices in the area. Jaime was sent an email on 13th July saying letters were being sent out that week advising of Isabel’s new orthodontist but as of 8th August, the family had not heard any more.

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