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Fears over road safety if plans for 39 new homes gets the go-ahead

A Kilham man believes that the general approach from officialdom in the East Riding is that ‘cure is better than prevention’ in relation to road traffic safety.

Geoff Christie’s comments come after a planning application for 39 dwellings on land south of East Street was submitted by Marble Homes Ltd last week.

The plans are similar to those approved for outline planning back in 2019 but have since been resubmitted after no work began on the original plans within the three-year deadline.

Geoff, who lives opposite the site, has concerns regarding the access point for the development which will use an existing T junction leading to land what was formerly known as Webster’s Yard.

I understand the need for new housing in the East Riding, however I am hoping that access to this development is safer than is suggested in the plans.

Geoff christie

East Street is populated by parked vehicles at all hours and Geoff claims that this will restrict the view of drivers exiting the new site, with added dangers of speeding motorists.

The previous application, submitted in 2017, faced numerous objections from residents and Kilham Parish Council, with access and safety being one of the primary issues.

Geoff told the Wolds Weekly: “I understand the need for new housing in the East Riding, however I am hoping that access to this development is safer than is suggested in the plans.

“The most important issue is road safety and the speeding traffic on East Street is a real concern.

“I think a traffic calming measure around the access is appropriate and I brought this up with East Riding of Yorkshire Council officers when I attended a meeting at East Riding Leisure Driffield last month in my role as a parish councillor.

“I asked to be contacted by a superior to explain why these previous issues raised were not considered this time around.

“I am hoping to get some constructive advice from highways on this and I am told that official government guidelines for the installation of a new T junction, where approaching traffic has to contend with parked cars, you have to assume that traffic will not be exceeding 20mph.

“You would hope that this will be the case for this development, however the general approach from officialdom in the East Riding is that cure is better than prevention.”

For the approved plans three years ago, Highway Development Management stated that a 20mph limit, down from the current 30, should be enforced.

It said: “The layout appears to meet the principles and initiatives of Manual for Streets and similar residential design guidance and it should restrict vehicle speeds to 20mph and incorporate appropriate mandatory features such as street lighting and surface water drainage.

“The revised plan indicates that the layout, including the turning head, can accommodate the turning manoeuvres for both service (e.g. 10.5m refuse vehicles) and emergency vehicles and the width of the access road at the junction with East Street is 6m to facilitate vehicle turning.”

At the time of going to print, no alterations to the current 30mph limit on East Street have been mooted and it remains to be seen whether the local authority will insist on such measures once again.

The 2017 plans, originally for 50 dwellings, received 16 public comments, the majority strongly against, whilst Kilham Parish Council held a similar stance.

The parish council echoed Geoff’s worries over the site entrance, also highlighting possible sewage issues following flooding in 2012 and 2013, as well as the overall number of dwellings for the size of the development.

Commenting on last month’s plans, Kilham Parish Council once again highlighted visibility for the site entrance and also its worries that the junction will be used as ‘a passing place for vehicles using East Street, exacerbating the problem’.

The parish council also recommended that the communal car parking for some of the dwellings be moved to avoid homeowners parking directly outside their homes and causing obstructions.

In its latest statement, the council said: “We can see that our recommendation to move the car parking facility was not acknowledged.

“It is more likely, especially in bad weather, that cars will simply park outside the dwelling and avoid walking the extra distance. This will cause problems.”

It added: “We would like to see that all mature trees are protected with reference to the Arboricultural and Landscape report dated July 2016.

“Considering the size of the development, we would like to be included in any discussions regarding any S106 funds (commuted sums) which could be utilized within the village.”

The Wolds Weekly contacted the local authority regarding access and Marble Homes Ltd regarding the application but, at the time of the going to press, had not received a response from either.

The new application can be viewed on East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s planning portal by searching the reference number: 22/01728/STREM.

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