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Suits you, Theodore! American visitor gets to work at Alec W G Hall

Eagle-eyed customers of Alec W G Hall in Driffield may have noticed a smart new staff member last month.

The Market Place outfitters saw regular tailor Paul Thompson joined by his grandson, Theodore.

The eight-year-old was visiting the Capital of the Wolds having come all the way from Westchester County in New York state, which borders New York city.

Theodore donned a blue three-piece suite complete with white shirt and a pink tie and pocket square, matching his grandad, a familiar face in Alec W G Hall.

The youngster is midway through a five-week stay in Driffield at his grandparents, Paul and Sylvia, alongside mum Melissa and sister Leia, 10.

Theodore told the Wolds Weekly: “I like coming into Grandad’s work and helping him.

“There is a magic box which makes things disappear and I really like one of the pins which looks like a sword.

Paul and Theodore, with Alex Thorley, apprentice at Alec W G Hall.

“I have been in for a few days, but I wanted one day where I was dressed the same.

“I have been putting shirts in the window display and dusted too.”

Melissa, who grew up in North Frodingham, moved Stateside 22 years ago and married Jason, Leia and Theodore’s dad, who hails from the Bronx and joined his family at the weekend.

She said it was the first time in three years that her children have seen Paul and Sylvia in person due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Melissa said: “We asked Theodore what he’d like to do whilst we were in Driffield and he said he’d like to help Grandad at work and also go to Bridlington beach.

“We don’t have shops like Alec Hall where we live. You’d have to go much further north where people go hunting to find something similar.

“Theodore has also been amazed at the terraced housing in Driffield, such as on Westgate.

“He asked where their front gardens were, whilst both he and Leia commented on being able to see rooftops of buildings in town since they are used to seeing skyscrapers back home.

“This summer is the first time we’ve seen my parents in person for three years due to COVID.

“They spent plenty of time on FaceTime, reading and playing games. It really was a lifesaver.”

A keen dancer, Leia has spent time with Shuffles dance group, honing her skills for when she returns home.

She said: “I dance and perform a lot in New York and I have performed in The Lion King and Aladdin.

“In Driffield, I like to go to Café Leon with my dad and will go with him now that he’s here. I also like the market on Thursdays.

“We have a new baby girl in our family too, so it’s great that we got to meet her.”

Paul added: “It’s fantastic that Melissa and her family have been able to come to Driffield once again.

“It’s lovely that Theodore wanted to help me at work and that we could wear matching suits too. He’s been a great help.”

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