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Trim and a tipple: Barber shop applies for alcohol licence

Customers at a Driffield barbers could soon have a tipple with their trim.

Legends and Rebels in Market Place has applied for a licence to sell alcohol, and expects to find out if it has been granted next month.

Owner Ben Scott said: “We have put in for a liquor licence to increase our customer service. They will get a free bottle of beer when they have a haircut and can purchase another if they wish.

Our electricity has just come off a fixed rate from the last three years, it has gone from £40 to £180 per month. The gas bill will be horrendous.

ben scott

“I think we will be the first in Driffield to offer this but it is quite common in bigger towns and cities. You have got to create a customer experience.

“We have got a bit of space for a beer fridge so people can come here after a hard week at work and relax with a beer while they have a haircut.

“I would like us to stock some local beers if we can, and help other local businesses, and we have been contacted by companies about spirits. I hope the people of Driffield support us. The feedback on Facebook has been positive so far.

“It is just another way of us generating some income to offset some of the other costs we have. Energy prices have gone through the roof.

“Our electricity has just come off a fixed rate from the last three years, it has gone from £40 to £180 per month. The gas bill will be horrendous.”

Ben believes his business has just about recovered to pre-pandemic levels, but increasing energy costs mean he has no alternative but to look for alternative income streams.

“We have now got back to where we were before COVID, and we have set up our Squadron 44 range of beard grooming products, so that if there is another lockdown and we have to shut again, we have something we can sell,” he said.

“We held off putting our prices up for as long as we could, it was a last resort.

“However, I can see businesses closing down in Driffield in the coming months. I don’t want to see it but there is no government help for us.”

Six barbers now work from the premises in Market Place, and it is hoped a couple of apprentices could join the team too.

Ben said: “In a lot of places now, you will find multiple barbers in one shop. It helps to offset the costs.

“Some of our barbers travel in from Hull and Scarborough and they are coming in for fewer but longer days to cut down on the cost of travelling.”

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