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Worth the wait! Alison’s 19-year African embroidery is finally finished

An embroiderer from Langtoft has put the finishing touches to a colourful representation of Africa – 19 years after she started her masterpiece.

Alison Rowlands first picked up her needle and thread in 2004 to start the piece of work that shows every country on the world’s second largest and second most-populous continent, as well as many of its natural features and native animals.

Nearly two decades later, Alison has successfully completed a challenge that saw her progress in short stints, often just five- or 10-minute spells whilst she had some time on her hands.

And having conquered Africa, Alison is ready to discover North America – although she doesn’t expect it to take her quite as long this time around.

“I have always enjoyed embroidery,” Alison told the Wolds Weekly. “I decided that I wanted to create a version of Africa and using a map as a guide, I drew an outline on a bedsheet.

“Through further research, I worked out where all the rivers and mountains were and which animals lived in different areas of Africa.

“I had travelled to north Africa in the past, as well as South Africa, whilst my mother was on the first chartered flight to The Gambia, when the country first opened up as a holiday destination.

“I can’t really believe I’ve finished it. It’s been an ongoing project for 19 years and has given me something to do when I’ve had some spare time on my hands.

“The plan is to start another one of North America, although I hope I can finish it a little bit more quickly.”

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