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A special gift for Driffield’s Coronation baby

Delighted crochet enthusiast Debbie Hayhurst said she couldn’t have wished for a better outcome after handing over the blanket she made to mark the King’s Coronation to Driffield couple Russ and Emily Hall and their newborn son Nathaniel (Nate).

As reported in the Wolds Weekly, Debbie had spent five weeks lovingly crafting the beautiful commemorative blanket to mark the Coronation of King Charles III.

It features images of St Edward’s Crown, the Orb and Sceptre and the Tudor Rose and has a special commemorative label with the date of the Coronation.

Debbie said she wanted to find a suitable home for it and decided to give it away to the first baby born on the weekend of the Coronation from Driffield or one of the surrounding villages.

After reading about the appeal in the Wolds Weekly, Russ Hall, who runs the Nisa Local store on Scarborough Road, and his wife Emily contacted the paper with the happy news of the birth of their second son Nathaniel, who they call Nate, on Sunday 7th May.

Last weekend, a delighted Debbie visited the family and handed over the blanket to Nate as the perfect keepsake to mark his birth during a special weekend of celebrations.

Debbie said: “When I started to crochet my Coronation blanket, I never imagined it would end in the way it has.

“I am truly delighted the blanket has found its forever home with Russell, Emily and baby Nathaniel.

“Emily explained they wanted to create a memory box for Nathaniel, and this blanket will form an important part of that.

“However, if possible, she would also, like to use it as a wall hanging in his bedroom.

“They are such a lovely family, and I could not have wished for a better outcome.”

Emily said the blanket will take pride of place in Nate’s nursery and thanked Debbie for her kind gesture.

She said: “It is such a wonderful blanket and I think Debbie is so talented to be able to make something so beautiful.

“Obviously, we didn’t see anything of the Coronation because something very special was happening for us, but this blanket will be such a lovely keepsake for Nate and is very special.

“We would like to display it in his nursery and then we can have a conversation with him when he is older about what it is and why it is there.”

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