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Residents disappointed by new road resurfacing

Residents of Park Avenue and Highfield Avenue have been left disappointed after this summer’s supposed road improvements have had the adverse effect.

After having to put up with sub-standard roads, residents were delighted when the East Riding of Yorkshire Council had authorised work to be done over the summer months.
However, they have been left disappointed by surfaces which are uneven and have poor drainage facilities.

Steve Poessl, ward councillor and resident of the area, spoke of the disgruntlement in the area. “The camber in the middle of the road is ridiculous and is totally out of proportion. The road is supposed to be level but it isn’t.

“When the road was first laid people were happy as they thought they were getting a good surface but we’ve been left with this.

“The drains have ended up higher up than the rest of the road so no water will drain away and in winter we might end up with big frozen puddles all over the place. There’s no road marking in areas which is a bit dangerous and there are still signs left up saying there are raised ironworks still which isn’t the case.

“The East Riding Council have acknowledged it’s a mess and needs doing which is a positive.”

Driffield Town Council have had numerous complaints from residents in the area but the matter is not in their control as it does not come under their jurisdiction.

A statement from the Town Council read: “Driffield Town Council have been very concerned about the state of the roads at Park Avenue and Highfield Avenue since the work to upgrade these areas was carried out.

“The work, which involves a recycling process called Retread, has not produced the desired upgrade and needs rectifying immediately. Not only is the surface uneven, but cambers are all over the place, drains are covered and there are no road markings (when we understand road markings must be reinstated within 24 hours of completed roadworks).

“Residents have been left with a surface worse than the original. We understand from the ERYC that they are currently attempting to rectify the situation with the contractors, however it does remain a possibility that any proposed remedies may not occur until the spring because the processes are not suited to winter temperatures.

“It is clear that the ERYC acknowledge the work is not of a suitable standard or fit for purpose and are doing their best to move this forward, it is however, unfortunate and inconvenient for residents and the Town Council do wonder if the scheme would have benefitted from the use of new road surface materials rather than recycled.”

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said: “The council is aware of problems with the recycled surface used in this location and is awaiting results and analysis of samples taken from it.

“The recycling process used on the scheme has been used successfully on two previous schemes, but we are very concerned about the quality of this recent work in Driffield, in terms of its structural properties, ride quality and level control.

“As we are still in correspondence with the contractor on this matter, we cannot detail exactly what action will be taken or be specific on timescales.

“However, we would like to reassure residents and road users that we are doing all we can within the bounds of the contract to secure a resolution.

“It remains a possibility that the contractors’ proposed remedy may involve re-treating all or some of the recycled areas. If this does happen, this work could not begin until spring 2016, because the process is not suited to winter temperatures.

“The council apologises for the situation we are left in at the present time; when we do have firm proposals for any remedial works, we will contact residents, the Town Council and other affected parties.”

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