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Residents voice their concerns to building of 19 new dwellings


A group of residents from Beechwood Lane and The Groves named the ‘South Driffield Residents Community’ have voiced their concerns to planning permission which East Riding of Yorkshire Council have said ‘will be considered by the authority’s full planning committee on Thursday, 5 November with a recommendation of approval’.

Beechwood Lane is a fairly innocuous-looking leafy road in the South of Driffield which many residents of the area may not be aware of. It is situated off Anderson Street and is home to just a handful of residents as well as Riverhead Hall nursing home.

However, since an application was placed and accepted for 19 dwellings to be erected on a site to the East of Beechwood Lane, it has become an issue of debate.
A meeting was held in regards to the objection and was deferred by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s (ERYC) full planning committee. A statement from the ERYC read: “Application 15/01557/OUT for the erection of 19 no. dwellings (means of access and layout to be considered), Land North Of Beechwood House, Beechwood Lane, Driffield, East Riding Of Yorkshire, YO25 6NU, was deferred at a meeting of the council’s eastern area planning sub committee on Monday, 5 October and will now be considered by the authority’s full planning committee on Thursday, 5 November with a recommendation of approval.”

The group of residents of Beechwood Lane and The Groves, which backs onto the site, have objected to the application citing a “large number of unresolved concerns and matters that will have a detrimental effect on both the area and its inhabitants respectively.”

Member of the South Driffield Residents Community Richard Phillips outlined some of their concerns to the Driffield and Wolds Weekly. “We feel that the proposed planning is not aligned with the needs of Driffield, and the effect that it will have on Anderson Street in particular is a real concern.

“The exit junction of Beechwood Lane onto Anderson Street is a difficult one already but according to the plan they are wanting to move the give way line three metres further into the road.

“This will leave the space on Anderson Street nowhere near wide enough, especially for larger vehicles, as there is often a lot of parked cars.
“The area in which the land is proposed to be built on is home to an ancient hedgerow which is planned to be removed which is something we do not want.

“After we originally objected, a new planning sign went up on Beechwood Lane with the recommended changes but it looked exactly the same as the old one.
“As a result, we only noticed the changes three days before the deadline for objection and we feel that it isn’t long enough to organise a proper objection.”

The applicant for the 19 dwellings is local businesswoman, Anna Beckwith, who currently lives in Grove Cottage whose rear gardens back onto the plot of land.
“I have sympathy for the residents as nobody wants houses being built next to their homes but that area of land has been allocated for development since 2006 and has been in the pipeline for several years.

“All the immediate concerns that were reserved by the residents have been carefully considered in conjunction with the local planning officer and the plans have been amended to accommodate them.

“There will be six two-bedroom bungalows and 13 three or four-bedroom houses built, meaning it will cater for people of all ages.

“I will be employing all local people to work for me including builders and joiners. The new residents will also give more custom for the high street and the local pub and cafe.
“As regards the junction on Anderson Street the road layout has been designed fully in conjunction with the highways department at ERYC and the new design will create a natural traffic calming measure to slow oncoming traffic.”

A meeting was held back in June by Driffield Town Council to hear the views of both sides and some recommendations and proposals were made. A statement from the Town Council said: “Driffield Town Council Planning Committee met with the residents in July.
“Whilst the council did not object to planning permission as the site was approved by the town council in the upcoming Local Plan, they did ask for certain conditions to be placed on the permission and that some changes to the proposed development be made.”

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