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HIGHFIELD HOUSE: ‘It was meant to be a home for our family but we had to share it’

Andy and Lindsey Lampard became the proud owners of Highfield in August 2015.

The couple met in London where they both worked as interior architects and designers, eventually setting up their own company together called Zopsigog, specialising in high-end commercial interior design of restaurants, bars, hotels and private members’ clubs.

From his first visit to the capital of the Wolds, Andy fell in love with the Victorian, Gothic-style country house and the potential for he and Lindsey to create the perfect family home and put their creative stamp on the interior décor.

The more people we spoke to, the more we understood how big this house was in the community.

andy lampard

Although Lindsey, who originally hails from Pocklington, was slightly more reticent, initially daunted by the extent of the task ahead, the couple made the move from their one-bedroom flat in London to the peace and tranquillity of Highfield and have never looked back, putting their hearts and souls into the stunning transformation of the house.

Lindsey said: “We bought Highfield in 2015 as a family home and where we could set up an office for our architectural practice.

“It was our original intention to renovate the house and put our own stamp on it, showcasing our interior design and quietly work here in the peace and beauty of the grounds.”

Although the previous owners had begun the structural upgrade of the house, including replacing the leaking roof, there was still a huge amount of work to be done to renovate the interior.

Lindsey added: “It was a bit of a blind adventure and when we first moved here, I was heavily pregnant.

“The house had a single loop heating system and so I spent a lot of time in one of the bathrooms which had underfloor heating and so I set up my desk in there to work because it was nice and warm!”

The couple openly admit that they were unaware of much of the history of the property and its importance to the local community, until they began receiving knocks on the door and people requesting to have a look around.

Andy said: “Initially, we didn’t realise what we had bought. We had fallen in love with the building and romantically saw a beautiful house that, from an interior design perspective, we could really put life back into.

“Over the first few months, we started to understand more about the house because we would have people knock on the door and ask if they could come in and have a cup of tea, or we would have people walking around our gardens.

“The more people we spoke to, the more we understood how big this house was in the community.

“In the 1960s and 70s, when it was the country club, people remember it for the weddings, birthday parties and functions and people would tell us their lovely stories and bring us their photos.

“We then had a couple of people ask us if they could get married here and we said yes as we realised that it would be a nice thing to do and lovely for us.”

The couple carried out work on the house so that it could be open for weddings and, after securing a European grant in 2019, Andy and Lindsey were in a position to begin work to transform the interior to create greater accommodation and improve the facilities.

Work began in the summer of 2019, with the original intention to have the work complete by October 2020, but when the coronavirus pandemic hit in March 2020, work ground to a halt and the subsequent fluctuations in the market and the difficulty getting hold of materials has meant the work has taken until now to complete.

The wait is now finally over and Andy and Lindsey are delighted to reveal the new sumptuous boutique hotel, offering exquisite suites for a luxurious night away; the speciality restaurant run by chef Nathan Carlisle; a stunning cocktail bar with bespoke cocktails created by bar manager and mixologist Charlotte Dowson and three grand celebration rooms especially for exclusive use by wedding parties.

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